Feng Shui and your staircase

Posted on July 3, 2009

A growing trend in the area of interior decorating has been Feng Shui, decorating and arranging the interior of your home to be in harmony with nature. However this trend is not new, Feng Shui originated in ancient China and has held it’s influence throughout history. The great American architecturist, Frank Lloyd Wright was noted for practicing Feng Shui in many of his designs.

Lowes features a nicely detailed intro: Feng Shui

HGTV also offers a number of short articles and tips regarding Feng Shui style

How can you consider using Feng Shui’s influence around your stair area? Linda Binns, of Harmony Inside & Out,  offers a detailed video with examples and explanation:

About.com also does  a nice job with discussing a question regarding the relation of a staircase to the doorway of a main entrance and how to go about dealing with any situations that contribute to negative energy: Feng Shui of main entrance.

The combination of these resources should help in integrating Feng Shui around your staircase and into your home. It’s been a surviving concept in design and architecture that can definitely give you great results.

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