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We’d just like to remind our visitors that you can follow our almost daily updates on our Twitter account: @eastcoaststairs.

Why do we use Twitter? It first started with us following a few vendors who were posting deals on stair building supplies. We soon found many others in the woodworking and housing industry posting informative news bits and breakthroughs concerning our industry.

What are we posting on Twitter? We try to pass along information to our followers (335 at time of posting) that we hope they find interesting and hopefully you will too! Many of our updates revolve around stairs, design tips, real estate and housing industry news from around Connecticut, along with other topics that you should check out. We also make sure our followers know each time we post and update to this blog.

If you’re on Twitter and looking for some people to follow, consider these users that we find interesting:


Those are to just name a few twitter users who you might want to check out and follow.
Till next time…

Weather and snow throwers

July 15, 2009 No comments yet

Up here in the Northeast this summer’s been rainier and at times cooler than most would like, especially those in the home building industry who have to work outside. We feel for you! Being somewhat of a weather enthusiast, I could not help but notice that is calling for this upcoming winter to be one of the snowiest winters in the last 5 years.  Their late summer and early winter forecast can be found here. Hearing a forecast this far out cautions us to take it with a grain of salt however judging from last winter, it’s hard to think this winter will be sunny and tropical in Connecticut either.

In the chance that their forecast becomes reality, looking for a snow thrower this time of year could present some nice deal opportunities. For those in the market, we would confidently throw a nod behind Ariens, we have the 722 model.

Ariens 722

The many snowstorms last winter gave us plenty of opportunity to try out our the snow thrower and we were pleased with it’s performance. The powdery snow was handled with ease and we were impressed with it’s ability to handle the hard, frozen-over chunks. I suppose for our particular model an automatic would have been nice but even without it, the machine glides smoothly and was not tiring at all. Sure beats shoveling any day!

We purchased ours over at Sudden Service in South Windsor, CT.  Great, knowledgeable people to deal with.

If the heat avoids this region for the rest summer… I can’t say we’ll be jealous, it’s good weather for working in our opinion. However, like Bastardi asks… is it the result of something that may bring us a cold winter? We’ll be waiting along with you guys to find out!

Feng Shui and your staircase

July 3, 2009 No comments yet

A growing trend in the area of interior decorating has been Feng Shui, decorating and arranging the interior of your home to be in harmony with nature. However this trend is not new, Feng Shui originated in ancient China and has held it’s influence throughout history. The great American architecturist, Frank Lloyd Wright was noted for practicing Feng Shui in many of his designs.

Lowes features a nicely detailed intro: Feng Shui

HGTV also offers a number of short articles and tips regarding Feng Shui style

How can you consider using Feng Shui’s influence around your stair area? Linda Binns, of Harmony Inside & Out,  offers a detailed video with examples and explanation: also does  a nice job with discussing a question regarding the relation of a staircase to the doorway of a main entrance and how to go about dealing with any situations that contribute to negative energy: Feng Shui of main entrance.

The combination of these resources should help in integrating Feng Shui around your staircase and into your home. It’s been a surviving concept in design and architecture that can definitely give you great results.

Till next time.

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