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GPS is built in so you don’t have to mess around with extra cables, and the suction mount makes it easy to attach and detach from the windscreen. The 512G drops a star because Nextbase doesn’t supply a memory card in the box. The Kaiser Baas R30 promises better-than-HD picture quality and get more information lots of functions but in reality the picture quality is only OK and the key functions can be found on cheaper models.

Both the sound and vision are of good quality, with nice widescreen clips covering all of the action but the night time footage does get a little distorted and it can be hard to clearly make out number plates. The Z-Edge Z3 doesn’t boast GPS or Wi-Fi compatibility, which makes downloading clips to computers and other devices easier, but it does the simple stuff well. Good sound quality, crisp video resolution and a very user-friendly interface make this camera worth adding to your shortlist. However, cheaper units with similar features are available. For such a user-friendly piece of kit, the video quality varies greatly depending on the settings, requiring vigilance from the user. Evening footage could also be better, with plenty of light distortion and vibrations affecting the picture quality. The 1080p full HD video is automatically time stamped, although there is no GPS functionality to highlight where an incident took place.

Vital Elements For Driver Updater – An Introduction

This is particularly handy because the unit doubles-up as a satellite navigation device, so finding the perfect spot to both view the maps and capture footage out of the windscreen can be tricky. Luckily, the unit guides you through this process on initial set-up.

Like most current dashcams, the Garmin continuously records as soon as the unit receives power and will save files when a G-Sensor detects an incident or the user manually locks the footage. There are no complaints here (and rightly so, considering the eye-watering asking price), as this machine uses a responsive and intuitive touch-screen display that anyone with an Android device will find familiar.

BlackVue’s package is arguably one of the most comprehensive offered in the current dashcam marketplace, as it unique smartphone app unlocks a brave new world of potential. Power to the camera is supplied as soon as the ignition is fired up and the unit will give audio instructions regarding its current state. Users must log on to its Wi-Fi network via a smartphone to get a live feed from the cameras, as well as access files and use other functionality. Finally, users are encouraged to download a bespoke smartphone app if they are to get the most out of the product. Images appear crisp and suffer from very little distortion during the day but quality does suffer a bit during low light situations. It’s certainly not the best camera we have tested here for overall picture quality but it is more than good enough to present as evidence.

Not having a built-in screen is a major problem, in our experience , even if it has WiFi connectability, and in this case the mobile app connection let us down. We also didn’t like the adhesive mount and the fact that you have to buy a memory card separately.

While the picture size is full HD, we found the lens focused on the windscreen rather than the road in front of the car. There is a night vision mode, which should improve the quality of the footage at night, but in reality it wasn’t better than most rivals’ efforts.

Unobtrusive, simple to use and producing good-quality footage, this is a great budget option. Nextbase is recognised by insurers and says Swiftcover will offer a 12.5% discount to customers that use its dashcams. Footage from the smaller rear camera is good, despite its diminutive packaging, but only supports 1270x720p HD recording at 30fps, as opposed to the Full HD experience provided by the front-facing unit. Still, this is more than good enough to capture any unfortunate incidents that may arise. BlackVue says that a bespoke power management system ensures that the camera will never run so long that is affects the car battery.

There’s also a Fatigue Index and driver alert, which produce a visual and audible warning when it is time for the driver to take a break. This is based on the time of day and time spent driving but will generally sound an alert every two hours during a journey. It does automatically stamp footage with a time and date to aid insurance claims but you have to input this manually upon initial set up. Another excellent dashcam from Nextbase that raises the bar for image clarity, which could prove vital in capturing video evidence. However, the 402G remains our best buy thanks to its lower price. A plug and play model, you’ll be up-and-running in no time as it starts recording as soon as you connect to the 12V cigarette lighter socket.

Outlines For Swift Advice Of Updating Drivers

Like most cameras today, this unit automatically records as soon as the ignition is switched on, and Philips has clearly put some thought into its user interface, which feels much slicker than others tested here. The Windows Metro-esque tiles are simple to navigate, although the small buttons can be fiddly to use.

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