We used the growing design in order to assess the construction of the definitions

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We used the growing design in order to assess the construction of the definitions

We applied the appearing design in purchase to evaluate the construction of the definitions in their development so when an approach to realize the truth through the idea of view associated with various social actors, implying that every of those is essential for the growth of the research 7 . As well as that, this research design permitted us to produce a theoretical ordering that arrived directly through the data gathered through the individuals and maybe not from pre established categories. To experience this, we utilized the coding that is open that your groups had been created.

The method that has been utilized to reflect upon the info was at level interviews that permitted us to enter the many interior realm of our individuals getting, by doing so, appropriate information about their lifestyle, experiences and definitions. Moreover, the analysis associated with the information started by the transcription associated with the depth that is in plus it had not been before the analysis of each and every meeting that people would not go to interview another participant. From then on we proceeded towards the coding that is open purchase to build the first groups. Such groups would be the item associated with the analysis through the xxxstreams. com constant relative technique that is on the basis of the search of similarities and distinctions in the information so as to create principles, characteristics and groups according to repetitive patterns 8 . When the initial groups were formed we selected the absolute most relevant for the research in an ongoing process denominated axial coding. Out of this we place the many category that is important the center and then we began to connect it utilizing the other groups and subcategories 5 . You will need to emphasize that the relationships between all of the groups derive from a theoretical scheme associated with construction regarding the bisexual identification when you look at the context that is venezuelan.

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