Garbo has generated the Perfect Background search for the internet Dating period

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Garbo has generated the Perfect Background search for the internet Dating period

Around 40percent of Us Us Us Americans utilize online dating sites, which makes it the perfect spot for nefarious people to locate victims. Garbo equips users because of the tools to help keep them safe through its electronic platform enabling visitors to conduct criminal record checks with no name that is last a thing that hasn’t been provided formerly. Garbo takes submissions to its database and documents get far beyond exactly just exactly exactly what conventional background searches provide.

AlleyWatch sat straight down with Garbo CEO and Founder Kathryn Kosmides for more information on how her very own individual experience inspired the launch and exactly how she intends to result in the electronic globe a safer spot through Garbo.

Inform us concerning the item or service that Garbo offers.

Garbo is building a fresh types of online history check for the age that is digital. We believe you should know who you’re putting your safety in the hands of whether it’s before meeting an online date, attending a job interview, or getting into a rideshare.

Garbo’s platform allows users to look without a last title – one thing we usually don’t have ahead of the first relationship in today’s age that is digital.

Just Just How is Garbo various?

Garbo’s online background check goes deeper into backlog of unconvicted crimes by giving use of more than simply the conviction information background that is traditional share.

We additionally accept submissions that develop our database and offer justice whenever instances fall through the system’s cracks.

Exactly just just exactly What market does Garbo target and exactly how big can it be?

Our company is extremely centered on the web dating industry, as that’s where many abusers find their victims in today’s age that is digital. It’s estimated that 40percent of Us Us Americans utilize online dating sites.

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