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Posted on October 6, 2020

The first half was a tale of two goalkeepers. And while Heurelho Gomes mixed some flapping with neat handling to repel a shot by Wout Brama and collect a dangerous cross from Roberto Rosales, his opposite number endured a moment that will haunt him.

In fact, Sellafield is a classic illustration of the failure of British industry. We were pioneers of nuclear power but in our desire to build our own atomic weapons, failed abysmally when it came to developing and managing our own civil reactors and reprocessing plants.

Nor is it hard to understand why the building possesses such a fearsome reputation. Piles of old nuclear reactor parts and decaying fuel rods, much of them of unknown provenance and age, line the murky, radioactive waters of the cooling pond in the centre of B30. Down there, pieces of contaminated metal have dissolved into sludge that emits heavy and potentially lethal doses of radiation.

The flower suggests an ancient priapic wand, typically associated with springtime fertility rituals. The camera captures the woman’s carefree movements as she merrily smashes the side windows of cars parked on the street with the flower. Passersby smile, as if indulging an innocent child. They include a policewoman, who salutes the perpetrator. Beyoncé later paid homage to the sequence in her video for Hold Up.

Towards the end of my visit, Peili showed me Eating, a video sculpture using three synced monitors stacked on top of each other. Each details a different view of the same event: the top shows a cheek during chewing; the middle a black-and-white, surveillance-like view of a fork going from plate and loba negra descargar gratis mouth, recorded by a camera strapped to the diner’s arm; the bottom captures western foods (boiled egg, tomato, layer cake) disappearing from the porcelain plate.

The livewire is the worst imaginable spectator and denied his professional currency of goals, he kicked his heels in frustration. Yet release finally came for him here, on the Netherlands’ eastern front, when he scored his first goals at club level since August. His composure when the opportunities knocked was as icy as the temperature here and it has given Tottenham a fillip as they look ahead to the turn of the season. With Defoe back in the team and firing, their hopes can soar.

But it will be a tricky job convincing the public that modern nuclear plants are the answer to Britain’s energy worries, given that there are buildings in Sellafield filled with “appalling radioactive crap”, as one senior nuclear physicist put it, and which will cost tens of billions of pounds to clean up.

What is clear to all those involved in supporting the earliest relationships is that the awareness of the critical period from conception to age two is not widely understood in our NHS and public services. Training provision for professionals is not yet good enough.

* London office prices could fall by 20% over two to three years, similar to the decline following the 2008 financial crash.

Negotiations with the EU are about to enter the final few weeks, and while May has said an agreement is 95% complete, crucial areas, including the fate of the Northern Ireland border, remain unresolved.

A no-deal Brexit would shorten the odds on a long UK recession Read moreA demand by EU negotiator Michel Barnier for a backstop that would keep the Irish border open to trade, even if that meant separating the province from the mainland and creating a border in the Irish sea, has been rejected by the prime minister.

The impasse has fuelled doubts that a deal can ever be agreed in what time is left before each side must seek ratification.

S&P Global Ratings credit analyst Paul Watters, said: “Our base-case scenario is that the UK and the EU will agree and ratify a Brexit deal, leading to a transition phase lasting through 2020, followed by a free trade agreement.

“But we believe the risk of no deal has increased sufficiently to become a relevant rating consideration. This reflects the inability thus far of the UK and EU to reach agreement on the Northern Irish border issue, the critical outstanding component of the proposed withdrawal treaty.”

Coming only a day after the chancellor said the failure to secure a deal would force him to hold an emergency budget, S&P’s analysis joins a welter of independent reports that forecast that a split from the EU without a deal will deala serious blow to the prospects of the UK economy. Last month rival agency Moody’s said the risks to the British economy had “risen materially” in recent months.

Failure to agree a deal with Brussels would lead to a sharp fall in the value of the pound, triggering higher inflation and a squeeze on real wages lasting for as long as three years, it warned.

Adding to the weight of opinion, the International Monetary Fund and and the OECD have also said that crashing out of the EU without a deal was a material risk to the UK, the EU and the global economy.

Sign up to the daily Business Today email or follow Guardian Business on Twitter at @BusinessDeskThe warnings are likely to be dismissed by leading Brexiteers as an extension of the Treasury’s “project fear”, which predicted steep falls in household incomes, house prices and inflation.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Iain Duncan Smith told the chancellor ahead of the budget that he was being too gloomy about Britain’s economic prospects outside the EU, even if it meant coping with trade barriers at EU border posts.

Rees-Mogg argued that Britain’s economy would be set free by leaving the EU, and though he preferred a deal to secure frictionless trade, this would be counterproductive if it tied the UK to EU rules for many years.

But Britain’s national income has already grown more slowly this year than expected prior to the EU referendum, with GDP growth below its previous trend of 2% to 2.5% and with wages only just inching ahead of inflation this year.

S&P said leaving the EU without a deal would make matters much worse, pushing the UK into a moderate recession lasting between a year and 15 months, with GDP contracting by 1.2% in 2019 and 1.5% in 2020. After that, the economy would return to growth, it said, though the pace of growth would be moderate.

“By 2021, economic output would still be 5.5% less than what would have been achieved in a scenario with an orderly exit and transition period for the UK,” it said in its report, Countdown To Brexit: No Deal Moving Into Sight.

S&P said high street banks would be caught up in the downturn, though efforts to shore up their reserves over the last eight years would provide protection against rising corporate insolvencies and weaker house price values.

Housing associations would also come under financial pressure from a fall in house values. Meanwhile, insurers would need to plan for a downgrade in the UK’s credit rating, which would increase their borrowing costs.


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